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17greece-600One of the most important events in the last month of 2008 was the trouble in greece. It seems over, it seems the new year brought the so awaited peace in the greek streets, it was not only a simple gathering, the conflict was much more deep and it is far from solved.

This was not a simple protest against the death of a youngster by a police officer, to reduce the rage to simply that, is to make a huge mistake. That was only the ignition factor, the reasons behind all those days of protesting in the streets, those reasons are very deep not only in the greek youth, but in most of the civilized countries youth.

We are creating in each society a very large bulk of people, that are educated, have superior degrees, have high hopes , high expectatives in life, have the tools and the knowledge to do it, simply they don’t stand a chance. Why? because we simply don’t need them.

Our developing model has proven wrong – our youth are feeling it on their hopes, and as Jean Daniel , a french journalist said : “The worst evil of our times is the lack of hope, to live deprived of your future.” It started in greece, but 2009 will make it worldwide as usual, we have few time to place a new word in our youth vocabulary: Hope.


Otherwise protests will spread arround the so called civilized world. The thing called by so many as capitalism has started to colapse not only on wall street, but also on the minds that represent our future.

In 2009 something as to change. I don’t know what but we have to be able to place new, brighter horizons on our youth path.


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Keeping our 2009 hopes low…

Well going into 2009 in a few hours, at least here in portugal were about 3 hours apart from the new year, everybody is trying to keep our expectations quite low. It’s a good strategy, in fact this next year will be dificult, no question about it.

I’m not going to place here the usual remarks.. good year, blá, blá, blá, best wishes, season greetings – no! let’s be specific about it !

I wish we can bbe able to replace the playstation by any book, i wish we can place ourselfs in a theather instead of a television set, and finnally that the new year brings me some pieces of pure happiness, from the kind of happiness you only recognize when it’s over, from the one you cannot define in words, from the one, that makes every rainy morning seem like a sunny afternoon – yeah you know what i’m talking about.1632915-happiness-0

Economy is essencial, money, politics, society is important, but in the end, when you look back, it’s the pure happiness that matters – be purely happy guys!

2009 is going to be the year of this blog, so it’s going to be a great one!

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