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Let’s set aside a bit the international politics to take a look at one of the best movies a saw lately – it’s called 7 pounds and the script is simply astonishing. Will Smith has long captured my attension, when he played the movie “In search for happiness” and in this one, he really outdone himself. It smels like an oscar for me.

sevenpounds_wallpaper_2_mdThis movie is the kind of movie you cannot see twice, it’s simply too touching, too¬† disturbing, it leaves a mark in your conscience.

“Do you consider yourself a good person?” That’s a sentence you won’t forget after seeing this one.

This is probably the most remarkable movie i’ve seen from Will Smith and i can’t wait for the next. Rosario Dawson also plays a tremendous part, and the director is Gabrielle Muccino.

You must see this one, it will make you a better person.


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