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If for nothing else, this auto industry crisis all arround the globe makes us be sure the year of 2009 will not be a year to remenber, at least if you have a regular job, with regular bills to pay every month’s end. 


The problems we watch every day with auto corporation’s keeping their production pauses a bit longer and speacking about cutting jobs and of a decreasing market, are a sign for many more other production branches – the auto industry provides business to many other businesses… if we let the auto industry fall we wil fall with them also. These are tijmes for extraordinary measures.

Obama 2008

The Obama administration is already making pressure, maybe today a package will be placed on the auto industry. Sure it’s money from the american’s taxes, sure Obama’s promises need this money, but no administration can be sucessfull in a job crisis like the one we may be facing in this comming 2009 year.  Every episode will affect  the world – in the EU community measures are also being considered – we cannot excape recesion, we can simply try to outcome it.


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