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Charles Dickens again…

It’s my favourite Christmas story – A christmas story, by Charles Dickens. Ebenezer Scrooge’s dream comes to live in my memory every year this season. I know, I know.. it shouldn’t be only in this season, it should be all year long… but i’m not perfect! Stopted trying to be a long time ago.


Even so, for for me remenbering scrooge is a great way to go inside what christmas should mean, and waking up to the nonsense christmas has become. I thing we have to do all we can to make the world economy get back on tracl, and that includes obviosly spending. But this time of year spending, gifts, light on a tree should be the least of our worries. The christmas i believe in does not include a wrapped gift. It includes going out and giving something to another person that really needs it.


How many homeless persons do you walk upon every day? How many did you try to help this christmas? That should be the question in everyones mind, and not “to whom did i forget getting a christmas present?”  – The gift we should be giving, should go directly to our hearts, and believe me, it’s very good for your health to simply give. Not because you should, but because someone else really needs.

The best christmas gift  is the one you can’t wrap and place a ribon on!


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Yeah, this christmas we, for some strange reason, are not asking what can santa leave on our shoe, but at whom should we throw it against… after all, we still have to find someone to put the blame on, we still have a dark 2009 ahead, and with no solutions at sight.


Is Bush the only responsable? Surely not, but he is without any reasonable doubt, a very good target to throw a shoe. And we still say Iraq is still a very weak democracy.. well this shoe-throwing-at-stupid-presidents-that-can’t-distinguish-nuclear-weapons-even-if-theey’re-seated-on-one is a very advanced filosophy… in my opinion, one that can be defined as avant-garde.

Next it wil be the computer game, the t-shirt, the pin, we will have lot’s of at-bush-shoe-throwing memorabilia – the fact still remains: no war is a road to peace.

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