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The world keeps turning around and the economy still doesn’t seem to easy our minds. That’s the main story of the last few days, lot’s of jobs lost, major corporations losing a lot of steam. Economis seem to divide their opinions, either this is going to be a huge slump, one we never witnessed before, or this will start to come around this year. Either way, we are going to see this society a lot differently in a few months.


Social policies are demanded right now, and governments got it just a little too late. In Europe unnemployment is spreading around like a plague, and European Union has it’s first obvious advantage : the euro. Without it, many more Iceland’s would be bankrupt right now.


In the states, Obama didn’t have a good start, but one thing we have to grant him – he has had a honest one, and that is a lot more then we can say from the last US presidents. The stimulus plan is huge in amount and in importance to the entire world. The new paradigm has started; we simply still don’t have a clue about what it really is… 


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It’s just like seating back, adjusting the pillow, placing the popcorn basket near you and start watching. It’s really bad. I would say it was not worth the renting, money if it were not the plain truth.

Israel has invaded Palestine, and like any of us, staring at the tv set every night, USA administration (whoever that is…) , the EU community, and the arab countries are also just watching this movie. gazawar

It’s plain unbelievable how come this would be possible nowadays. Of course Israel took advantage of a USA politics transition, and this ground war will be over before january 20th (that will be sure) – but with all the money the european community send in funds to the palestine in the last year, it’s painful to see all the infrastructure, now simply destroyed. For a tax payer like me it’s painful, i’m just assuming for the quiet, silent voices running the show in Brussels it’s painful too.

Gordon Brown tried to lead the way saying that this invasion could not be a solution, while the USA block all the possibilities of a resolution in the UN. For an average guy like me, this quietness is very disturbing. Of course nobody would send any forces to the region, that’s not the point, but nowadays there are ways to prevent and to dissuade the use of a war force.

What is happening in gaza right now, it’s quite sad in my opinion, but i did expect it to occur (have to be honest), what is really making me dizzy is the silence in almost all the world leaders about this situation.MIDEAST ISRAEL PALESTINIANS

Seems like everybody is trying to figure out if this will be a new lebanon or if the hamas will be severely blasted by this offensive, seems like everyone is trying to sit back and choose the winner to appear on his side. That’s not politics, that’s simply being afraid.

For my view, no war can solve any problem. No invasion will destroy Hamas, nor will it prevent any suicide bombings or rocket throwing to Israel, no war will no anything but to create more anger, more rage, more reasons of conflict in the middle east.

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These few weeks will be important, everybody will try to establish a position, everybody will try to show their strengh, until Barack Obama is the president of the USA, on january 20th, many countries will not wait.

rusting_tank_at_the_highway_of_death_in_iraqThat is a sign of worry to the next administration, nothing they did not expect, but it’s not only the USA but the world to put in a word of advise. If russia president says he can use the force as a last resource on Russian’s interests, and if Israel is saying they can invade Gaza with a broad offensive, maybe it’s time for the UE to say something to, after all the USA are in transition, but the world cannot sit down and simply wait.

It’s all words, yeah, that’s true. But if things aren’t answered firmly, other world leaders will follow, with words of power, other regions of the world can start boiling.

In my oppinion, now that the USA cannot firmly take any word or any action, other world leaders should stand up and speak. The risk is too much, the word untold is probably more dangerous right now.

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If for nothing else, this auto industry crisis all arround the globe makes us be sure the year of 2009 will not be a year to remenber, at least if you have a regular job, with regular bills to pay every month’s end. 


The problems we watch every day with auto corporation’s keeping their production pauses a bit longer and speacking about cutting jobs and of a decreasing market, are a sign for many more other production branches – the auto industry provides business to many other businesses… if we let the auto industry fall we wil fall with them also. These are tijmes for extraordinary measures.

Obama 2008

The Obama administration is already making pressure, maybe today a package will be placed on the auto industry. Sure it’s money from the american’s taxes, sure Obama’s promises need this money, but no administration can be sucessfull in a job crisis like the one we may be facing in this comming 2009 year.  Every episode will affect  the world – in the EU community measures are also being considered – we cannot excape recesion, we can simply try to outcome it.

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