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Yes, its truly amazing, i’m cracking myself up… Well the story is quite simple, vatican radio asked Daniel vasella the president of Novartis to have a program every week on their radio. Everything great until these guys found out Novartis produced condoms… It must be quite dificult to see that one of the major farmaceuticals are producing condoms…  A truly magnificent find from these idiots.

After knowing that huge sinn from Novartis, vatican radio canceled the invitation… The reason? well it’s obvious – they cannot let anyone who produces condoms talk on their radio… It’s against their religion…


What is their religion, hard thing to tell… by the looks on this radio, their religion is based on censurship of anyone producing anything that saves lifes! Go figure 😦


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Enjoy your life!

There is probably no god – stop worrying – enjoy life! Couldn’t have said it better.


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