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Keeping our 2009 hopes low…

Well going into 2009 in a few hours, at least here in portugal were about 3 hours apart from the new year, everybody is trying to keep our expectations quite low. It’s a good strategy, in fact this next year will be dificult, no question about it.

I’m not going to place here the usual remarks.. good year, blá, blá, blá, best wishes, season greetings – no! let’s be specific about it !

I wish we can bbe able to replace the playstation by any book, i wish we can place ourselfs in a theather instead of a television set, and finnally that the new year brings me some pieces of pure happiness, from the kind of happiness you only recognize when it’s over, from the one you cannot define in words, from the one, that makes every rainy morning seem like a sunny afternoon – yeah you know what i’m talking about.1632915-happiness-0

Economy is essencial, money, politics, society is important, but in the end, when you look back, it’s the pure happiness that matters – be purely happy guys!

2009 is going to be the year of this blog, so it’s going to be a great one!


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