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Next Sunday we will be celebrating the Woman’s international day. It was a very important landmark a few years ago, now I guess society is a lot more equal and opportunities are given in almost a even way between man and woman.  Of course there are some exceptions, and there still is a long way to make, but i rather remind us all about the important role woman have to assume and are assuming everyday more in our world.


Two woman take an important part in USA politics nowadays, Hillary Clinton, of course, after last year amazing presidential run, is now USA Secretary of State, and even yesterday performed an important role in bringing the USA and Russia together, after many years apart. Sure a man could do it also, I  just have think it couldn’t have done it better.



Another example came to us yesterday directly from the white house. Michelle Obama left the president’s house and spent lunch helping to feed homeless in Washington. Miriam’s Kitchen is one of the organizations providing meals to homeless in the capital’s area. In this economic downturn, nothing like an example of service to the community to point the way. Sure it’s no huge deal, but the question is, has any other first lady done it before? Don’t think so.

More relevant then being the Woman’s day, is to make each day an opportunity to have great woman taking their place in our society, and there are a few. These are just two of them.


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With Clinton on board Barack Obama start’s his mandate.

Sure the oath of office didn’t went very well, but the things that really matter started right away on his speech. His first speech as President of the United States of America show a lot of different things. obama-lincoln-cp-w6109957

I point out to 3 aspects of his speech, first of all, the tone was not a happy, celebrational one, but a tone that remembered each American of the difficulties ahead, second, the way he criticised George Bush with him sitting right next to him, on a ceremony where usually is nothing more then a huge party, shows a lot of spirit and will to chenge things arround.


For me probably the most important reference in his speech, was the accepantance of the “non believers”, in which group I include myself. It means an openness not only to the “non believers” but most important then that, a truly meaningful intent to treat all peoples and religions beliefs as equal. It’s a great step. If you simply hear the speech you might not notice that, but those 2 words might mean a lot more to the world then all the rest of the text.

You can’t ignore that most conflicts nowadays have a profound difference in beliefs on his basis. For the first time the USA seem to head without any pre concepts to the path of respecting every belief.

These first 3 days were as expected, Guantanamo closed in a year, some interests in the middle east  Afghanistan and Pakistan. Nothing new, we can’t judge nobody for 3 days… but the prospects are untouched…

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