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In the 44th inauguration, Obama is coming by train to washington. It’s not a win, it’s a start. I, as many of us in the world are hoping Obama can bring many different things to the USA administration. The train that whistle’s brings a new word to this century : HOPE. It’s a damm good word too.


Can Obama live up to the expectations? We will see, but at the very least Barack Obama makes us believe again. Can a man change the world? Sure it can.

Meanwhile in Gaza, Israel is starting cease-fire tomorrow – how surprising…  let us not forget to get Israel responsables to Hague (charged with War crimes) – what occured in Gaza was not a war, was a criminal action against civilians.

If you have any question about George Bush 8 years, please see the video above, it’s a very well crafted summary of the last 2 mandates from Bush.

I just wish Al Gore could have won in 2004…


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D939-023This piece of news can give us an idea of what happened in the last 8 years, now that George Bush is leaving, nobody gives a dam about him, and Ehut Olmert , Israel prime minister surely doesn’t give either.

In his last speech, he said that was a phone call from him that lead the USA president to order Condolezza Rice to vote null in a resolution that demanded the cease fire in Gaza.
Incredible? Yes, in the very least! Olmert said he demanded to talk to Bush ten minutes before the vote take place on the UN. Olmert said “when we saw that the secretary of state, for reasons we cannot understand, wanted to vote inn favour of the resolution, I tried to reach president Bush and they told he was in Philadelphia making a speech – I said to them – I don’t care, I need to talk to him now!”

“They took him out of the stage to another room and I talked to him” continues Olmert describing this surreal story. “I said to him: You cannot vote in favour of this resolution!, which he answered: lesson, I don’t know nothing about it, I’m not familiarized with the way the resolution is written” – Olmert replied that he was quite familiarized with the resolution and that the USA could not vote in favour – and they didn’t.

Bush ordered Condolezza Rice to vote null in a resolution that she helped to write, organized in favour and was lobbying to be approved.

This is an example of the way USA diplomacy has been acting around. This story was very funny, if it were not a war we are talking about. How came Israel prime minister give orders like this is such a sensible question? Amazing, really. Don’t bother saying goodbye to Bush, he has gone a long time ago from the white house…

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This comes from this article here in huffington post; where Sarah Palin sends a message to the media saying that are giving Caroline Kennedy a free pass compared to what they said about her in the presidential campaign.

Well Sarah let me just tell you this I’M QUITE SURE CAROLINE KNOWS, AMONGST OTHER IMPORTANT THINGS,  WERE RUSSIA IS!caroline-kennedy

the thing that i still can’t understand, is how come Sarah palin is still motive to any kind of air time.

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So, let me get this thing straight… after signing a peace deal on the UN, Israel prime minister says this “the U.N. resolution is not practical.”  and this “The state of Israel has never agreed that any outside body would determine its right to defend the security of its citizens. The IDF will continue operations in order to defend Israeli citizens and will carry out the missions with which it has been assigned in the operation.” So why the fuck did you sign it?

his goes further deep in the hole Israel is digging on the international community, they are disrespecting UN resolutions, they should be treated as such: war criminals. 2008-12-30-gaza41

I know it’s still 11 days until the new USA administrations takes place, and in 11 days many more innocent palastinians are going to be dead. And facing the inoperance of almost every nations or world organization, this outrageous mission is going to move on. The world awaits a firm answer from the USA, the big question is, what kind of answer can Barack Obama give? having in account the USA have always been the greatest ally of Israel,  things will most certainly stay the same. It’s shame on us all.

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Seems like everybody is stepping in slowly, very slowly. Seems like this isn’t a war, it’s like just a fight between a couple and no one want’s to place his opinion in the middle. gaza-woman

seems like the world doesn’t exist – just a few whispers, cannot break this overwelming silence. What is the limit of our conscience?

Wich is the death toll we can bear in our memories?

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It’s just like seating back, adjusting the pillow, placing the popcorn basket near you and start watching. It’s really bad. I would say it was not worth the renting, money if it were not the plain truth.

Israel has invaded Palestine, and like any of us, staring at the tv set every night, USA administration (whoever that is…) , the EU community, and the arab countries are also just watching this movie. gazawar

It’s plain unbelievable how come this would be possible nowadays. Of course Israel took advantage of a USA politics transition, and this ground war will be over before january 20th (that will be sure) – but with all the money the european community send in funds to the palestine in the last year, it’s painful to see all the infrastructure, now simply destroyed. For a tax payer like me it’s painful, i’m just assuming for the quiet, silent voices running the show in Brussels it’s painful too.

Gordon Brown tried to lead the way saying that this invasion could not be a solution, while the USA block all the possibilities of a resolution in the UN. For an average guy like me, this quietness is very disturbing. Of course nobody would send any forces to the region, that’s not the point, but nowadays there are ways to prevent and to dissuade the use of a war force.

What is happening in gaza right now, it’s quite sad in my opinion, but i did expect it to occur (have to be honest), what is really making me dizzy is the silence in almost all the world leaders about this situation.MIDEAST ISRAEL PALESTINIANS

Seems like everybody is trying to figure out if this will be a new lebanon or if the hamas will be severely blasted by this offensive, seems like everyone is trying to sit back and choose the winner to appear on his side. That’s not politics, that’s simply being afraid.

For my view, no war can solve any problem. No invasion will destroy Hamas, nor will it prevent any suicide bombings or rocket throwing to Israel, no war will no anything but to create more anger, more rage, more reasons of conflict in the middle east.

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17greece-600One of the most important events in the last month of 2008 was the trouble in greece. It seems over, it seems the new year brought the so awaited peace in the greek streets, it was not only a simple gathering, the conflict was much more deep and it is far from solved.

This was not a simple protest against the death of a youngster by a police officer, to reduce the rage to simply that, is to make a huge mistake. That was only the ignition factor, the reasons behind all those days of protesting in the streets, those reasons are very deep not only in the greek youth, but in most of the civilized countries youth.

We are creating in each society a very large bulk of people, that are educated, have superior degrees, have high hopes , high expectatives in life, have the tools and the knowledge to do it, simply they don’t stand a chance. Why? because we simply don’t need them.

Our developing model has proven wrong – our youth are feeling it on their hopes, and as Jean Daniel , a french journalist said : “The worst evil of our times is the lack of hope, to live deprived of your future.” It started in greece, but 2009 will make it worldwide as usual, we have few time to place a new word in our youth vocabulary: Hope.


Otherwise protests will spread arround the so called civilized world. The thing called by so many as capitalism has started to colapse not only on wall street, but also on the minds that represent our future.

In 2009 something as to change. I don’t know what but we have to be able to place new, brighter horizons on our youth path.

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