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vatican_0718I’m not a catholic, my education was catholic but for a number of reasons made my path and my beliefs went in a different direction.  I’m a non believer now.

One of the reasons catholic church seems ( as an institution ) more a criminal then a religion is, in my opinion the words against the use of condom, a perfect crime against many people, many of those in regions were poverty doesn’t allow many people to have enough information to have an opinion and fallow the church line.

The catholic church will be judged by this, as they are judged now for the dark middle time ages, where their crimes are know acknowledged, and even if we cannot count the deaths, aids as killed many people, much of whom by lack of information and hypocrisy from the catholic church.


Now we se the pope take a step behind in terms of having an institution that is able to say something to the new generations – he didn’t need to do this, John Paul II had solved this matter a few years ago, but no… This pope Benedict XVI, took back into the spotlight some bishops that are open holocaust deniers.

This fact, is not only a mockery of John Paul II’s moving and impressive repudiation and condemnation of anti-Semitism, but also the opening of a gap between catholic church leaders and their believers.

Like me, many more people started catholic by education, and got far and far from the church and far from their leaders – catholic church is simply placing a big question remark over the legacy of John Paul II.


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