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This is Oscar night so why not recommend a movie? A pretty god one indeed. Not a nominee, not a movie that would appear in the comercial stands with a big neon over their oppening night, but surely a movie worth seing.

Two of my top 3  World War II movies were filmed from a child’s point of view – probably there is a reason for that, they can so clearly place a border between good and evil even before the adult can. “Life is beautifull” is the film of my life, and Roberto Begnini turns the Nazi camp into a game for the main caracter eyes, a child. Then comes   Schindler’s List, and “The Boy in the striped pijamas” comes third – another child’s point of view about one of the horrors of the World War II.


A magnificent movie, with a amazing screenplay (you know how much i value the screenplay), were a friendship between a nazi general’s son and a child in a concentration camp makes any war seem plain stupid. Again, in the child’s eye , wrong and right are presented clearly, when two young boys begin a friendship, just with a fence between them.

Not in the oscar’s? so what!? worth every penny. It’s a must see.


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I’m almost compelled not to write anything about this movie, but ok… I will do it. Nice cast yes, blockbuster? must be a joke!


If you ever saw a good second world war documentary , don’t bother to go see this one. You should ask me, but a movie is a lot different from a documentary, yeah that’s what i think, but Bryan Singer (the director), doesn’t know the difference. It’s sort of a documentary, the story is only the valkyrie operation story, without any suspence without any surprise or emotion.

One of the worst movies i saw in months, and believe me, I usually enjoy Tom Cruise performances very much – he does a good job, but with such a lousy argument, any movie whatever the conditions would be bad. I left the theatre not only disappointed but with a feeling i didn’t have in a long time – it was not worth the money.

Clearly a flop, a huge one.

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This weekend i decided to go see this movie, it’s Woody Allen, so we can have certain assurances of quality. It’s his best movies, very far from it, but it’s worth the ticket – it’s a great story about love, but we cannot get a real definition of it in the movie. Maybe you can say it’s the definition of not-love. It’s really hard to tell.


Wonderful scenes in Barcelona, and that is really the movie most favourable rating, the sound track, and the Barcelona view. It’s entertaining, but not a movie i would consider seeing again. The name is Vicky Cristina Barcelona , it’s directed by woody Allen, with names like Scarlett Johansson, Javier Barden, Penelope Cruz and Rebecca Hall.

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Let’s set aside a bit the international politics to take a look at one of the best movies a saw lately – it’s called 7 pounds and the script is simply astonishing. Will Smith has long captured my attension, when he played the movie “In search for happiness” and in this one, he really outdone himself. It smels like an oscar for me.

sevenpounds_wallpaper_2_mdThis movie is the kind of movie you cannot see twice, it’s simply too touching, too  disturbing, it leaves a mark in your conscience.

“Do you consider yourself a good person?” That’s a sentence you won’t forget after seeing this one.

This is probably the most remarkable movie i’ve seen from Will Smith and i can’t wait for the next. Rosario Dawson also plays a tremendous part, and the director is Gabrielle Muccino.

You must see this one, it will make you a better person.

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