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You can say Slumdog Millionaire’s win yesterday had nothing to do with politics, but i sure disagree. I’m not saying they won because of backstage, well all movies have a strong backstage aproach, but the truth is that what Slumdog Millionaire pictures is the crude reality politics should be fighting.


Everybody seems to have wake up to the world needs in the face of the economic turmoil, but the dificulties were there from decades ago. Slumdog Millionaire is a shocking, disturbing movie.  The caracterization of Mumbai’s slum is made is a brutal, hard, down to earth way. Maybe they couldn’t have done otherway.

The dispair, the deep poverty, the lack of basic conditions to dignified life, makes this slum a horrid place, maybe we could talk about the brazillian “favelas” or the african populations escaping from war or hunger, displaced from their origins.. but basicly we are talking the same: poverty. The society as we know it is not sustainable while we don’t take care of this problem – poverty cannot be a frequent picture in a developed world!


Sure you can go arround, and say economy is hard right now, but while you continue to tolerate fiscal paradises, and off-shores, you are being a part of it. Globalization doesn’t have to be a bad thing, but globalization without a social conscienceness is a ver hard picture to look at.

That is is waht Slumdog Millionaire brought to us on film. It’s not just india, Mumbai, or Brazil.. it’s in the street right next to you – while we don’t take the job of facing this issue honestly.



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This is truly a remarkable movie – life itself, love and hope.

The big winner of tonight, without a question, a deserved one. The academy made justice. Haven’t seen it?  You must.


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