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Long weekend, lot’s of news, important ones.

Let’s start with probably the most important one: stem cells – in here – this will open a huge door to research and to development. There are dangers of course, but the only way we can solve some disseases like cancer is by researching, a lot. Obama overturns Bush narrow sight, and move foward , it’s just anotehr step… Foward!

China is moving forward as one of the worlds top countries in the next few years, and violence seem to be back again in the Northern Ireland – The future has a lot of question marks on it. The way the world we live is changing, our chalanges are new every second. Here is a great presentation to make you think about that. It’s a must see!


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Next Sunday we will be celebrating the Woman’s international day. It was a very important landmark a few years ago, now I guess society is a lot more equal and opportunities are given in almost a even way between man and woman.  Of course there are some exceptions, and there still is a long way to make, but i rather remind us all about the important role woman have to assume and are assuming everyday more in our world.


Two woman take an important part in USA politics nowadays, Hillary Clinton, of course, after last year amazing presidential run, is now USA Secretary of State, and even yesterday performed an important role in bringing the USA and Russia together, after many years apart. Sure a man could do it also, I  just have think it couldn’t have done it better.



Another example came to us yesterday directly from the white house. Michelle Obama left the president’s house and spent lunch helping to feed homeless in Washington. Miriam’s Kitchen is one of the organizations providing meals to homeless in the capital’s area. In this economic downturn, nothing like an example of service to the community to point the way. Sure it’s no huge deal, but the question is, has any other first lady done it before? Don’t think so.

More relevant then being the Woman’s day, is to make each day an opportunity to have great woman taking their place in our society, and there are a few. These are just two of them.

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I’m sure for some republicans the title of these kind of news will be “Obama Keeps war until end of 2011!” but the times schedule is quite feasable and even Mccain agree on it.

Not a victory, it’s only a start, b ut never the less, another firm step towards a honeste and firm answer to the world we live in today. From now on , the war has a end date. Iraq will be at last is own ruler.  In the first 100 days Obama is facing most of the problems witout fear, or lobbys, or economic interests.  The world is greatful.


I know this seems like an empowerment of Obama, almost to positive. I’m sure we will, on the way, make mistakes. But this start of term is really thrilling for me.

My main curiosity now is to see who republicans will send in on TV, after that Jindal joke, maybe it’s time Rush Limbaugh to step in. Where are you Rush?

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Tonight a different direction in American politics: Bush asked America’s youth to fight for the Country, Obama asked them to learn for the country.  Huge contrast.


Change means three vectors: Education, Health care and economy. Wonderful speech, great strenght and another step ahead in this new direction.

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nothing more to say, just a lot to hope for.

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The path

Most didn’t believe possible when Obama took office, but now it seems the words had a meaning… Obama want’s America talking with Iran, with mutual respect, trying to easy away, most of the tension between the two.


Don’t ilude yourself, we will not live to see a time where the two countries can be considered allies, it will not happen. But the world doesn’t have another chance – we simply could not tolerate this conflict to be solved with another invasion. These steps are lot more braver then seem in fist hand.

It’s finally an assurance to have a US president who doesn’t have problem saying he did a mistake (in the last 8 years how many times did Bush say he was wrong?) , and with the courage to talk to their enemies and try to build bridges that makes this world a lot safer.

If there is a path to peace, this is as close as it gets… wonderfull perspectives but a lot of work ahead. Keep going Barack Obama.

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The world keeps turning around and the economy still doesn’t seem to easy our minds. That’s the main story of the last few days, lot’s of jobs lost, major corporations losing a lot of steam. Economis seem to divide their opinions, either this is going to be a huge slump, one we never witnessed before, or this will start to come around this year. Either way, we are going to see this society a lot differently in a few months.


Social policies are demanded right now, and governments got it just a little too late. In Europe unnemployment is spreading around like a plague, and European Union has it’s first obvious advantage : the euro. Without it, many more Iceland’s would be bankrupt right now.


In the states, Obama didn’t have a good start, but one thing we have to grant him – he has had a honest one, and that is a lot more then we can say from the last US presidents. The stimulus plan is huge in amount and in importance to the entire world. The new paradigm has started; we simply still don’t have a clue about what it really is… 

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